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Thread: Pacers looking to trade Danny?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vnzla81 View Post
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    As I told you before I used efficiency as a tool not the tool, I just wanted to show some guys that thought that Danny was better than JJ that it wasn't true, I'm not even thinking about efficiency when I say that Danny is not even close to JJ, JJ has all the tools you need in player, he can dribble, he can pass, he can shoot from anywhere, he can post up, even in the crappy isolation based offense in Atlanta he was able to put huge numbers, the guy is the closest thing to a superstar in my opinion, the guy can go for 40 points and 10 assist in any given game, now compared that to Danny, Danny is good at posting up and shooting threes, he can also play some D when he want's to, what else Danny brings to the table that is better than JJ?

    Again I'm not trashing or hating Danny I'm just comparing the players and their tools and is not even close.

    There shouldn't be excuses for him last year either, he wasn't coached by JOB, yes he didn't have a full working offseason but nobody in the NBA had that going for them, Roy got better and didn't make excuses.
    I'll give you that, JJ is easily a lot more talented than Danny. Danny has major limitations ball handling and athleticism wise. With that said though, he has managed to put up better scoring numbers than JJ for their entire careers except last year, which was prob JJ's best statistically and DG's worst, since becoming a number one option. For all of JJ'a talent and physical gifts (being that big and strong and have the ability to play guard is a blessing lol) he's never really dominated in the way you'd think he could.

    Maybe the fact that DG is a bit of an overachiever is the reason ppl like me ate defending him so strongly on this subject. I tend to pull for players that do more with less (talent wise)

    But I do agree 100%, as does mostly everyone else, JJ is a lot more talented than DG. Doesn't make him a player that's a whole lot better though

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