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18ppg players are a dime a dozen in your NBA? OK.

Why? If he is such a fraud as a player who is going to sign him for anything, rebuilding or not? You think he'd take MLE to ride the bench somewhere?
Every team in the NBA has somebody that scores close to 18ppg, somebody has to score the points even the Bobcats need somebody to score, at this point in his career Danny is one of the worse players that score over 18ppg in the NBA , his efficienty is horrible.

And I've never say he is a "fraud" he is a good player but if you don't trade him for value at this moment and keep him, I don't think he would want to be a backup in a rebuilding team like the Pacers in 3 or 4 years.

If he is not a backup he is an starter and if he is an starter that means the Pacers are not that good.