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Thread: Josh Gordy vs Justin King

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    Default Josh Gordy vs Justin King

    I do not know much about Josh Gordy so this is directed to the people who know a little but about him, do you think he is a nickel corner or could be take King's starting spot?

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    He is more of a nickel corner.

    Id rather get another starting corner and use Gordy as a nickel.

    That being said, if we dont get another starting corner, dont be surprised if Gordy starts and takes King's spot.
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    Default Re: Josh Gordy vs Justin King

    He may be a nickel corner but King is a quarter corner. As is, Gordy will end up starting. But expect more DB adds before the season starts.
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    Default Re: Josh Gordy vs Justin King

    It all depends who gets waived from other teams. If we pick up an unexpected gift that way I can see one in the nickel and one riding the pine or one on another team.

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