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But RG3 is clutch, completes 12% more of his passes, throws the same number of TD passes, while Luck throws more than 4 times as many INTs, on passes that average fewer yards per attempt, and RG's passer rating is a whopping 30 points higher.

I'd prefer Luck, to be honest, but to suggest that both of these guys don't show franchise QB ability is crazy. Luck has to greatly improve on accuracy and decision-making with regard to forcing throws, while RG3 needs to greatly improve on decision-making with regard to protecting himself from injury. Neither skill set is easy to learn, but both are doable.
I thought this when both guys entered the draft. Luck had to learn a system that wasn't a dink and dunk west coast style and RG3 injury concerns were going to be a problem.

RG3 still needs to learn a different system to be effective IMo. He simply won't be able to run this east coast offense and stay healthy for an entire year.