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Thread: Luck vs Griffin - let it begin.

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    No, not joking. Before the season it was *consensus* that the 'Skins had more team around RG3. He *still* does. I'm convinced of that. Luck has nothing but rooks and practice squad players, and we lose guys on a weekly basis. We lost 3 guys today just during the game, crucial guys (Satele C, Mathis, and one of our tackles). We lost our 2nd best receiver for the year. Fleener was gone. VDavis was gone (our best DB). He's throwing to: Hilton (rookie), Allen (rookie), Hall (rookie), Avery (hasn't done **** in this league, was picked up off his couch), and then Wayne. I'm not saying the 'Skins is better than ours, but it's not worse, either. And Luck isn't leaning solely on Wayne, he had 100+ yards to one rookie receiver and Avery, the couch receiver, today.

    You want Luck to play C, TE, CB, LB, Tackle, DT, and DE? Because at any given moment, we're on our 2nd and 3rd and even 4th stringers there. Opposing teams reside in Luck's face, so don't sit there and tell me RG3 has worse protection. Luck is making these completions with some of the leagues top defenders draped all over him.

    Yes, it's excuse making. The 'Skins have no excuse. Can't even sit here and tell me a line that hosts one of the league's best rushing attacks that they are "full of holes". What does Luck have? Absolutely ZERO rushing attack. Can whine all ya want about the 'Skins line, but the only reason the league doesn't regard Indy's line as worse is because Luck is so damn good at getting rid of the ball and escaping pressure.

    Not to mention --- RG3 has MIKE SHANAHAN, legendary coach. Luck's coach is a rookie coach, spends most of his time in the hospital, barely able to move. We're leaning on Arians, who was just fired last year. The situation for Indy is absolutely nuts.

    The only reason we are even close to sniffing the playoffs is because of one guy --- Andrew Luck. Take that guy out of the equation, and we're a 1-win team right now, at best.
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