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Just seeing some of this stuff and I will just make a few comments, neither Couch or Carr was ever thought to have as much talent as Luck, he is considered the best prospect to come out of college since John Elway, so anyone between those two guys does not matter.

Even if Luck didn't have top arm strength football is a lot more than that, a QB really only needs to have above average arm strength I think to eventually become elite, other traits are needed to separate them, unless you think Luck has below average arm strength which no one does or even average, then he should be just fine.

As far as who he will become no one knows, so far he has had better a better rookie season than all those guys you have listed.

Eli passed fore 48% and had 6TD's and 9 picks, Brees really did not take of til he got to the Saints, Rodgers set multiple years and had to work on a lot, Rivers didn't start until his second year, Brady set his first year and during his second was not very special, better than most but not anything that makes you say he would be a hall of famer, and we all know about Peyton who through for 56% and had more picks than touchdowns in his first year.

But if you would like to hear something positive right now about Luck that comes from an outside party here you go...



Currently Luck has the highest score in this ranking scale out of ALL quarterbacks in the NFL, every ranking system has its shortcomings but, I think this says something about what Luck has done so far this season.

Wrong!! The reason is strictly financial. Those people taking a QB at number one (perhaps the highest risk position to draft) were paying millions of dollars more for their QB than Indy is paying Luck. I think Sam Bradford got over $50 million guaranteed. At those amounts, you don't take a QB first unless you think he is a star. JaMarkus Russell, Jeff George, David Carr, Couch and others signed for a fortune. Those teams ALL thought they had the next great things just like the Colts do with Luck. Many more fail than make it and those that get beat up behind terrible offensive lines pay an even higher price. I have seen enough of Luck already to doubt that he is anything special. Perhaps Phillip Rivers with a lesser arm. Chad Pennington was actually a good comparison in my view...... ...