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Luck, playing with a poor line against a good defense: 14/23, 151 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 60.8%, 6.6 YPA, 98.3 rating

RGIII playing with a solid line against a soft defense: 11/17, 74 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 64.7%, 4.3 YPA, 93.7 rating

I don't see how in the world you can say that "RGIII completely outplayed Luck". Both were good, but the statistical evidence says that Luck played a better game. The only thing RGIII beat Luck in was completion percentage, yet Luck still managed to average two more yards per passing attempt. But I'm supposed to think that RGIII played a better game because he threw some long bombs that were incomplete? Any NFL quarterback can throw some long incomplete passes. The fact that you have to use long incomplete passes to back up your assertion that RGIII was better shows that RGIII didn't beat Luck in the stats that actually matter.

If Luck had RGIII's offensive line then he would have completely outclassed RGIII.
That difference in the offensive line is my whole point. Luck has not shown me that he can throw a long ball to keep the defense honest. RGIII has a cannon and he will hit some homeruns with Garcon this year. I was only repeating what Theisman and the other commentators said. I am sure you and many others here just turned the sound off so that they would not be able to hear something they did not want to hear. Luck throws a whole lot of quick 7 to 10 yard passes because he is under pressure. The receivers, as Theisman noted don't even try to get deep. Could that be because Luck just can't make that 50 yard pass like
Sims and Parcells claim or is it because he just doesn't have the time to wait for his receives to get open deep? I think it is the latter but since I have never seen him try to hit a long pass, who knows. Your stats are meaningless. You have one QB running for his life and making short passes before he gets clobbered wile the other QB airs it out once in a while to show the defense what they must fear in the long ball. RGIII was making plays that moved his team down the field much better than Luck did. But, you only look at stats and don't really watch the game. Washington could beat Indy with their second team offense.......