I'm going to start out by going way out on a limb and say that neither of these guys will turn into the next Ryan Leaf. Fair enough ??

#1 & #2. These guys will be linked thru their entire career. Comparisons will always be made. Stats, wins, Super Bowls ........ everything. And yes - it is certainly quite early in their NFL careers, but it's not too early to start.

Luck - 26-41 (63%), 363 yards, 8.9 yds per attempt, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 87.8 rating.

Griffin - 9-14 (64%), 119 yards, 8.5 yds per attempt, 1 TD, 0 INT, 114.8 rating.

Stretch Griffin's numbers out and all the numbers are really similar. In Luck's defense, one of those picks should really be a TD (a completion at the worst), but things are what they are and it goes down as an INT for Luck.

I guess at this point my only question is why Griffin hasn't played that much and Cousins is getting as many reps as Luck is. I haven't read or heard anything about it, but if they're calling him the starter already, shouldn't / wouldn't he be getting a little more time ?? No, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have it all figured out and doesn't need the reps. Hell, Manning still needs reps at this point of the season. Anyone know what the deal is ??

We can add more fuel to this after Saturday's game.