We recently had a well meaning poster wanting to end the JOB hate. And some excellent points were made.

But was he the worst coach in Pacer history?

Here's a little linky-poo so you don't have to look it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...s_head_coaches

If you go on only winning % then it is no contest, Irvine is by far the worst. Bird by far the best.

And for those of us who remember the forgettable Irvine reign, we concur. Irvine had some good players in Kellogg, Stipo, Fleming, and others. Of course he had duds also, plenty of them. But he simply couldn't win much. Had a totally confusing rotation and insisted on playing guys that shot at the wrong basket and threw the ball out of bounds whenever they touched it or fouled for the fun of it. Not that he can control everything a player does, but he didn't seem to have an issue with poor play.

JOB was a poor coach. He used a style of hard nosed coaching that no longer fits in todays NBA. He might do better in college or High School. I never really understood his handling of players (like TJ and Murphy).

But JOB is a recent memory. Irvine is not, in fact he is not even a memory to most on this board.