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    Quote Originally Posted by imbtyler View Post
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    I would like to see OJ get some playing time, and develop into the next surprisingly good/decent/great player to be stolen in the second round (since '04: Trevor Ariza, Monta Ellis, Lou Williams, Paul Millsap, Glen Davis, DeAndre Jordan, Goran Dragic, Marcus Thornton, Chase Budinger, Sam Young, Landry Fields, Josh Selby, Isaiah Thomas). However, looking at this year's crop of players, I'd have to say that the players more likely to be "those guys" (besides OJ) out of the 2012 draft are Quincy Miller, Tyshawn Taylor, Doron Lamb, and maybe Will Barton.
    Also add Jeff Taylor and Jae Crowder to that list. The 2nd rounders this year will surprise many. Possibly Kyle O'Quinn too.

    I think Jae Crowder will be the top steal of the second round followed by Quincy Miller.

    Would have been nice to have picked Quincy Miller. He could turn into a pretty decent SF backup/starter.

    It's all good though, I really loved the Gerald Green pickup. He should be the 6th man on the team soon.
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    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
    Signing Glen Robinson III
    Trading for Budinger
    Signing Monta Ellis
    Signing Jordan Hill (not for the player, but for his deal)

    Re-signing Stuckey and Allen

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