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Thread: It's official: Mavs hire Jim O'Brien

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    What's hilarious about this is that when JOB was here, he did not normally work with the players. He delegated that to the assistants. JOB only concerned himself with game tape and line ups, and running practice. So i wonder what his role will be with Dallas. I can't imagine JOB tutoring DC about his handle.

    I always thought one of the biggest complaints about Jim was he never let his assistants have any say. Although I see what you are saying, you are talking about one-on-one stuff.

    But remember Jim was an assistant coach for years and year.

    Assistant coach at 6 different colleges, and an assistant coach for 6 seasons in the NBA. So he's been an assistant coach for a lot longer than a head coach. Actually my sense is he is probably better at the typical duties of an assistant coahc han a head coach

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