I saw a separate thread asking what position we should draft... I still beliebe a tackle and cb is a position we can fill from FA. But two spots we need to fulfill are wr and rb, definately need to come from the draft. We havent had a big dynamic receiver ever, and Justin hunter, DaRick Rogers fit that perfectly. both have shown flashes of brilliances in the sec, but hunter is coming off acknowledgments surgery. He is a 6 foot 6 wr who has Olympic quality track and field athleticism. He can go up and get it, and also make the easy catches. If he outs together a full injury free year in the sec (alog w his qb, tyler bray) he will be a top 5 pick.

If he isnt there, or we want a more posession receiver, I'd take a serious look at rogers, who , if he has the same type of yea he did last year (first team sec) he will be a early first rd pick. Hes incredibly strong, fast and smart, but does have an attitude problem. However, he has the most raw talent in the sec and could be a great player down the road. I think he will be a better NFL player.

Other choices at wr- Robert woods , really a good route runner and operates at a high level, looks the part. but how.will he be when he doesn't get 10 looks a game?

Now, say we draft in the middle of the early part of the first say 12th, we could look at lattimore from south Carolina. He has great vision, great footwork and is a smart runner along with 4.5 speed and a NFL body. However he has alot.of miles on those tires. Concern? Meh. They said the same about ray rice. We may wany.to go this route, don't forget, 18 had faulk to start his career. if we do this, and.Rogers falls to a mid 2nd, which some ppl have him mocked at, we could grab both. That would be a great draft, getting two players who were 5* recruits with massive talent.