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Thread: JOB to reappear as Mavs assistant coach?

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    Hey!!! ... McBrick was a totally lost cause. It wasn't his job to build Hibbert's confidence, it was job to make him a basketball player. He did that. Granger has never played defense for anyone including a highly regarded Coach K. No one is going to be able to do that. He was a disiplinarian and those kind do not get love from the players. But those players needed that because they had walked all over Carlisle.... Give JOB this current team and a mandate to win and not rebuild and he would do fine and he would have a different approach. Bird always supported JOB and I am sure he still does.... ...
    Jim was needed for a year...maybe two. But not three. Jim was indeed needed to lay down the law. But the Pacers proceeded to trade all the problem children and by year #3 we had choir boys getting beaten down by the warden. He should never have started year #3.

    ...and no, Jim wouldn't win with this team. Roy wouldn't play as well for him...and Roy is the best player on the team. Also, last year Granger actually did start playing a little defense again for the first time in years....but he wouldn't have under Jim. Under Jim, it was all about the three and Granger was fine with that. Now more is being asked of the players. They are now expected to play a complete game instead of a flawed gimmick.
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