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Thread: Why the Pacers will NOT compete for a championship in the next 5 years

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    Default Re: Why the Pacers will NOT compete for a championship in the next 5 years

    Quote Originally Posted by brownjake43 View Post
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    Well I tried to start a thread, and I guess it was too similar to what this thread was about, and I apologize to mattie for that. Did not mean to call you out or steal your thunder.

    Anyways, I like our chances of winning in the next five years because of the four biggest contenders in the East (Miami, Boston, Chicago, Indy) we are by far the youngest. And I guess I'll just leave it at that.
    It got a little wild over there and the thread was closed. No need to apologize. And don't worry about the goofballs. If you are new around here and dare to offer an opinion, you will get such treatment from some silly people around here. I pity those fools.

    But most are A-OK.

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