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Why would Roy and Hill's agent wait any longer to be signed though? Yeah itd be nice to put off signing them for as long as possible so that we can try and make other deals, but this is a biz and they probably wanted to get signed ASAP. Hell they already waited a week into FA before signing with other teams. The pacers let it be known that they has till Friday to make their other moves before they needed to sign Roy and Hill back.

Also, how are people going to make gripes about the Pacers only looking toninpeove their bench, and then be mad because they didn't get old, slow, amnestied players that would have played off the bench. Neither Brand nor Scola would be too much of a fit for our team defensively Our frontline is already slow and unathletic as it is, why add another shorter, slower PF that can only play C against certain teams. The pacers are trying to get younger and more athletic, signing either of these guys would have only been the opposite.

Sorry, but I dont understand the first part of your argument at all. It just sounds like your making non-exisitent excuses for why we signed Hill so soon. Why would the team want them signed ASAP, when Hibbert was going to get a max deal, and there was no significant interest for Hill, not to mention, they were both restricted, so there was really no hurry.

Second part of your argument sounds like you think any player over 30 is horrible. "We dont want Scola and Brand because their old, and because they are old, they can't contribute anything whatsoever. Thats just incorrect. Also, its important to know that very few championship teams win with younger players. The vast majority of championship teams have mostly veteran players.