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Thread: Why the Pacers will NOT compete for a championship in the next 5 years

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    Default Re: Why the Pacers will NOT compete for a championship in the next 5 years

    Quote Originally Posted by BillS View Post
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    I think it was a very cogent statement representing the sentiments of a lot of people on the forum, done in a way that set forth the arguments in a matter-of-fact fashion without any unnecessary "sky is falling" platitudes or (not-so-)subtle digs at the competency of the FO or ownership.

    A very pleasant thread even if I completely disagree with the conclusion.
    Oh, it was well-structured and written, but ultimately, I disagree with it, and I still stand by my question. What's the point? There's nothing out there saying we're going to remain static and plateau at this exact same spot. During the Vogel era, we've done nothing but improve every month, and Walsh and Pritchard are proven to be active improvers.... long-term and recent history indicates the exact opposite of this post. There's just no reason to think this way, and what good does it do.
    There are two types of quarterbacks in the league: Those whom over time, the league figures out ... and those who figure out the league.

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