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    Quote Originally Posted by Trader Joe View Post
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    Wrigley is awesome in the whole, is this place going to collapse around me and kill thousands of people kind of way.
    Ya it's becoming a dump and needs upgrades to the bathrooms and foundation. But it's still best place to see a game no doubt GABP and other updated parks are nicer in general. But Wrigley and the old Yankee stadium just has/had a vibe that the new parks don't. Kind of like an old college basketball field house where the Jayhawks play is a great example place is amazing. I had bad seats when I went to Fenway and I went pre upgrade. I have heard since they upgraded it it's even better. Wrigley will be the same way just have to approve the proposal and they can start building I think by 2014 they will start on renovating.

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