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1. Being good, but perhaps not great, is just fine for an ownership group that typically loses money on the team and thus needs some good community vibes and two roundsí worth of playoff gate revenue.


I guess this just hasn't been up that long or since it's the dog days of summer not many people are paying attention to the board right now but I just find it interesting that had one of us made this very statement that there would have been people on here clamoring for their heads.

I just wonder where are the posters who get all bent out of shape when one us locals wonder aloud if being good is just good enough and that there may not be that over riding drive for excellence?

I mean that is what the guy is saying, right? He is just flat out saying that the Pacers are content to make the playoffs and hope for advancement but don't really feel compelled to be a championship team. Or am I reading that wrong?
Nobody made a huge deal about it because that's how the majority of the people feel about the team, by just reading PD I can tell that many posters are just happy to be competitive and be the "under dogs" every year.

The Pacers to me have done a great job in creating this illusion that been "under dogs" is great, they also use the "small market" excuse pretty well and now with the new CBA they are going to have an even bigger excuse to be "under dogs" for a long time(because they get money at the end of the year not matter what) why lose money to win a championship when you can make money by been "under dogs"? smart business if you ask me.