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Thread: Should the Pacers make another move?

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    What? Granger would not be allowed to carry Pierce's jock. The difference is between a decent starter and a perenial all star. Garnet versus West is even more lopsided. Garnett would clamp West down and West could do nothing on defense to slow KG. Both of Boston's players at those positions are on a completely different level than their counterparts on the Pacers. It is fun to think those thing but please try to keep some commonsense about it....... ...
    Maybe, but Rondo is still the man that makes the Celtics go at this point. He is the team leader an best player. In the losses to Miami Pierce looked pedestrian, much like Granger. No doubt Pierce is well above Granger over - likewise Garnett over West - if you look at their entire careers. My comparison is based on how I see them all currently. And I'd still say the Cs are better than us until we prove otherwise.
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