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Thread: Let's play who is the bigger jerk!

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    Default Let's play who is the bigger jerk!

    My vote goes to the driver. Feel like the cop overreacted a little, but you definitely can't just drive away as a cop is writing a ticket, and you certainly can't run over his foot.

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    Default Re: Let's play who is the bigger jerk!

    definitely the driver. the idiot tried driving away from the cop writing him a ticket and runs over his foot. then tries to keep going and refuses to get out of the car.

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    Default Re: Let's play who is the bigger jerk!

    Driver by far.

    Officer is writing a ticket. You cannot just walk past him and get in the car and leave. I even think the driver may have said something to the officer. Definitely stares at him.

    Officer moves in front of the car's fender a little to impede movement. Also moves closer to car. Drivers tries to leave.

    Officer tells him to stop multiple times, even yells at him to get off his 'f*&^&3@' foot (as driver has now moved the car on top of the officer's foot) and smacks the window with his hand.

    Officer instructs driver out of the car; even opens the door when he doesn't comply. Driver refuses exit. Officer manually removes driver from car. Driver does not want to go down to the ground so officer has to use more force.

    In the end, officer has busted foot, driver has expensive ticket and probably other charges, Ferrari 458 has dinged up door and possibly other side damage from scuffle...

    Girlfriend wins as she gets to drive off in the car (without driver at her side; I also doubt the d*&^%#bag driver let his girl drive his ride). I would be lighting up the tires (in a non-public place before returning that car)...

    Could have been all avoided if the driver would have accepted the ticket and moved on...

    Plus I'm not parking my 458 on a crowded street-side...
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