Hi guys,

First off this is early, but seeying that the IKL started opening last month with mailing in the definitive summerrosters which led to some activity and atleast one trade, I thought why not slowly get things lined up here aswell.

This is mainly a friendly plee to our KL Commissioner to remind us all what everyone's squad looks like as of now and who has what pick. For me it would help bigtime as I can start looking at what direction I would like my team to go and who to approach if I see something that I think has potential.

Also do we have the same "system" working for us with regards to the summerroster (except that they have 8 spots and a 4 round draft starting this coming season)? Would it be good to start asking people to post their summerrosters with like a deadline of say september 1st? Are we allowed to start talking trades with this in mind and basically open the season on the trading front until the trading deadline is upon us in february next year?

Also this could be good to get an indication to see which owners are staying and which are leaving.

Just some basic food for thought.