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Thread: Android users - Need a free unrestricted tethering app

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    Default Android users - Need a free unrestricted tethering app

    Long story short, the storm we had in Indy this morning has done something to the internet line to my house, but Comcast won't be out until Tuesday (and that was AFTER I raised hell with ComcastCares) , so I need a good unrestricted tethering app for my Android to get me through until then. Right now, Im using EasyTether Lite, but the inability to access HTTPS on my PC is a deal killer, and I really don't want to pay $10 for something I'm only going to need until Tuesday. Has to be free (or on a free trial for a couple days) and must be unrestricted. Also, my phone has not yet been rooted ($50 bargain basement Droid, not surprising ), so it has to be a no-root app.

    I tried the ClockWorkMod tether, but found it was incompatible with my cheap Android .

    Fortunately, the $35 plan I took was for unlimited data.
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