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    Quote Originally Posted by joew8302 View Post
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    Good night! I am glad you got a good education, but it seems like you just proved travmil's point. Sounds like a madhouse based on what you have described. As a teacher I lose respect for a colleague that does not return calls, emails etc. Communicating with parents is paramount to the job IMO.
    Yeah I was gonna ask how on earth that made it look like I was dead wrong. Sounds like I'm right on. What can you do? Besides remove your child from that environment and place them in a school where those things aren't considered normal? I guess not much.

    Unfortunately P4E is indirectly demonstrating part of the problem. The people in this area DO consider the situation he's describing to be normal. I complained about it at one of our HOA meetings and the parents there said the exact same thing. They said "What can you do? You'll have that everywhere". I say bull****, you can do plenty and it's NOT like that everywhere.
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