Hi everyone,

You may remember that last year I participated in a charity event for the Childrenís Miracle Network. The event as a whole was able to raise over a million dollars for Childrenís Miracle Network Hospitals. I played specifically for Riley Childrenís Hospital in Indianapolis last year. I set my goal at $600 and due to all of the awesome people who donated to me, I was able to raise $800. This year I am setting my goal at $800 and all your contributions to me will go DIRECTLY to Riley. It is the same rules as last year I will play video games for 24 straight hours on Saturday October 20, 2012 to raise the money. The goal is to have everyone donate at least a dollar for every hour that I will play, but this is really for the kids so if you can donate anything at all or even just think to say a special prayer that day itís all good (and if you can donate more thatís always good too!).

The link to donate to me is right here: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/joesourwine2