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Thread: Dwight Howard trade

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    Default Re: Dwight Howard trade

    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
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    They don't even return the call if our opening bid isn't Roy + PG
    How do you have such tight connections with the Orlando front office?? I'd love to meet Jameer Nelson one day if that's at all possible. Thank you!!
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    Default Re: Dwight Howard trade

    On a slightly off-topic note, I don't get why all of these teams hesitate before trading for Dwight because of his upcoming free agency. I think the new CBA is basically guaranteeing that all of the elite FAs will stay with their teams when their contracts expire. Dwight would be walking away from $25M if he left whoever it was that traded for him. I don't see any of the marquee, max-level guys in their primes giving up that extra year under almost any circumstances. I kind of think Orlando is counting on that, as well.

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    I'm actually happy that the Pacers aren't involved with him at all. The way he's treated Orlando, would you want him ??

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