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    Default Fantasy Football League?

    Hey I am gonna start a PD exclusive Fantasy Football League on We need at least 8 teams and will hold a live online draft on an agreed upon date. I will take the first 8 to 16 ppl that wanna be in and have atleast 50 posts on PD. This league will be free to join and will be just for fun. Please only join if you are serious about playing and can have the time and means to play week. Thanks and good luck.

    Draft is set for August 20th at 10 pm eastern. Says 7pm on the site but that is pacific for some reason, so 10pm est.
    Send/post your email for invite and PW. Or follow this link, pw is pacers: Link

    Players (Red means have registered)

    1. BornReady#6
    2. spazzxb
    3. Steagles
    4. dewman_32
    5. Haywoode Workman
    6. Miller_time04
    7. bambam
    8. TheDavisBrothers
    9. Eddie Gill
    10. pwill31
    11. Edub
    12. Pig nash
    13. Gamble 1
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