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Thread: Reggie Wayne "...reporting for duty"

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    I definitely smell something burning in here.

    something old,
    something blu
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    Default Re: Reggie Wayne "...reporting for duty"

    Great Reggie article on yahoo.

    Asked about the team that made him the most lucrative offer, Wayne said, "I'd never tell that story. I had some places I could've gone. I left millions on the table."

    We are so lucky to have this guy. He sure is making things easier for Luck.

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    Default Re: Reggie Wayne "...reporting for duty"

    On pace to break the single season record for receiving yards and receptions. He would need 9 receptions for 112 yards a game to keep up the pace.

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    Default Re: Reggie Wayne "...reporting for duty"

    Reggie Wayne... Greatest hands to ever play the game.
    Garbage players get 1st round picks, (WTF)! All of the NBA must hate the Pacers! LOL

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