What made this Olympics so good was the historic performances. Maybe I'm just living in the moment too much with the London games, but the records we saw broken this year were amazing. Bolt repeating in the 100 and 200 and anchoring the 4x1 to a new WR. USA winning gold in 10m mens platform diving. Women's gymnastics winning team gold and Gabby winning all around gold continuing the American domination of the event. And biggest of all, Michael Phelps. To think, since 2004, i've watched this man win 22 medals, 18 of the gold, thats something you tell your kids about. And there were more that I'm leaving out. The performance of the USA women in general was spectacular.

What made this Olympics so bad was knowing the results before every event happened. Its impossible not to be spoiled when you live on the West Coast. Especially when you are from the East Coast and all your East Coast friends are on twitter while they watch the Olympics. I wish they would have aired more stuff live and just re-air it later. Everyone already knew the results honestly. And they still watched. NBC still would have had massive viewing numbers because not many people would be able to watch it live anyways.

As for where it ranks for me? Hard to say. I was traveling during the 2008 games so can't compare that much. Sydney may have been the best imo. It was the first Olympics I really got in to (I was 10). Was probably just nostalgia. And I think Australia is awesome.