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Usually could care less about womens beach volleyball but just happened to flip it on and watch our #4 ranked team beat the #1 ranked Brazillians, and I honestly wouldn't have cared one way or the other but the way that one of the Brazillian women was constantly taunting us everytime she scored or yelling profusely at her own teammate everytime they got scored upon I rreeeaallly wanted them to lose. I feel bad for the other Brazillian lady who seemed like a good sport through the whole thing and really just absorbing that constant *****ing from her own teammate despite according to the announcers being better than the girl who was constantly yelling at her. It was also just a good story in general cause our tem was basically from the outside looking in not even expected to get a medal and the Brazilians have beaten us 9 straight times supposedly. Not sure if that means that we haven't beaten them in 36 years or not but either way hell of an accomplishment. Now we'll be either playing for Gold or Silver I believe they said on Thursday but they didn't say who we'd be facing, but anyhow...USA!!!!

update: after researching it a little bit both USA teams will play against each other for the silver and gold on wednesday...that's ridiculously awesome lol
I dunno about the whole lost to the Brazilians 9 straight times. Team USA has won the last 2 Gold Medals, and May and Walsh are probably going to win a 3rd straight today/tonight (when its on TV.) DO yourself a favor and not look up anything beach volleyball until you watch the match tonight, because most likely the results will be up, and thus ruin you viewing pleasure.