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Honestly, when you think of the two guys who have ascended to the public face of the franchise status over the past 7 years, you couldn't have asked for two better guys than Roy and Danny. What a perfect antidote to the brawl years, two completely respectable guys who whether endearing us via their love of video games or superheroes or in Roy's case stuff like the MMA and his yearly summer workout plan have completely changed the public view of the Pacers. They are honestly a PR person's dream.
I am hesitant to even ask this for fear of turning a positive thread into a negative one.......but heck, you know how I am!

OK, a number of things that Roy has done are mentioned here. You brought up Granger, so I have to ask. What has he done in this vein of PR/goodwill/team togetherness? It seems it is always someone else getting the team together for workouts or whatever, so where is his part in this?