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Thread: Donald Brown is going to have a huge season this year

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    Default Re: Donald Brown is going to have a huge season this year

    Right now the Colts look like an 8 win team THIS SEASON. I think you are way off the mark OlBlu. No way are the Colts even close to the worse team in the league this season.

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    Default Re: Donald Brown is going to have a huge season this year

    Colts already look way better than last year and better than I would have expected at this juncture. I don't expect them to be a good team, but I think they will compete for the most part. I expect them to win 5 - 7 games with some close losses also. Had they just make the move to yank Painter earlier - or avoid him all together, they probably would have won 2 -3 additional games in last year's season from hell.
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    Default Re: Donald Brown is going to have a huge season this year

    Donald's problem has always been 2 things.

    The O-Line has just been dreadful in run blocking.
    Donald doesn't have above average vision for a running back

    But he is pretty damn fast and gives the Colts the best chance of breaking for big yardage gains.
    3 scenarios for the draft, starting with my favorite first:

    1. Pacers trade up for Justice Winslow

    2. Take WCS or Stanley Johnson (this is the theory of a player falling); Make trades (Hibbert/West/others) for additional picks - George Lucas and Rakeem Christmas are players I'd love to have with a late first/early 2nd round

    3. Trey Lyles

    I'm sure my opinion will change many times before the draft though.

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