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Thread: Donnie Walsh: "We have to go up a level"

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    Default Re: Donnie Walsh: "We have to go up a level"

    Quote Originally Posted by fwpacerfan View Post
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    Are you sure you want to ignore? Just take it for the entertainment value it is - he likes to argue for argument's sake - the facts be damned.
    Some people would call that trolling.

    Quote Originally Posted by fwpacerfan View Post
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    After all someone who says "Don't worry about pilling on, some guys just don't have the thick skin I have I can handle it." and then follows that statement with "Please do me a favor and put on ignore so I don't have to read your sensitive posts again, thank you." Can not be taken seriously.
    It's just so irritating, it's borderline trolling without quite going over the line. I don't find it funny most of the time, and I'm not hearing anything new - he hates West, loves Tyler and wants us to trade our starters for Monta Ellis, Nene and Josh Smith. And until that happens our front office obviously isn't doing jack squat right? I get it. It's old. And if I want to read that style of posting (being provocative and negative just to get a reaction) there are tons of sites that offer that. They are a dime a dozen. Wait no they aren't a dime a dozen, it's basically the whole damn internet. I come here to avoid that kind of crap (or at least used to) - PD isn't perfect but the level of discussion is usually much higher, and the troll/eyeroll level much lower, than on other sites.

    And yes I can take a joke, but if it's a joke it stopped being funny after it was told the two-hundredth time. I really don't think I'm being THAT sensitive, I have like 2 people on my ignore list.

    So maybe he's right, I'm going to give it a try. Not like I won't constantly be running into all of your replies anyway lol.
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