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Thread: Donnie Walsh: "We have to go up a level"

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    Default Re: Donnie Walsh: "We have to go up a level"

    I'm confused.

    What is it actually that people want? Is it more risk taking? Is it a perception of "going after the stars"?

    Is it simply a championship?

    There are a whole host of strategies that will get a team to a championship. You can complain about a lot, but you can't complain about a "lack of strategy" from the FO. They have a clear one. It's not clear to me, at least, that many teams have been able to collect our specific set of attributes and apply this type of strategy. For example, many people think our team's outcome will be similar to Atlanta. but the Hawks clearly lacked the chemistry that our kids have. Trailblazers got seriously bit by the injury bug, etc.

    Isn't the journey and the process part of the fun of it all?

    There's a lot of chemistry, youth, and talent on this team that simply hasn't played itself out.

    Hopefully, our players have more mental fortitude to believe in their own success than most of the denizens on the forum lately. It's as if they shouldn't even bother?

    Are you all just bored and playing mental gymnastics in the offseason?

    You all are announcing our team's death, when it's just becoming a teenager?

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