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If you've read some of my other posts, you'd understand.

-Hate the Plumlee pick. As I'm sure there were a lot of fans that felt the same.
-Gave DC away for nothing. Just a dumb move. Small market teams shouldn't be giving away assets. DC is a fringe starter, excellent backup. You can't tell me that's not worth something.
-Hill is way overpaid. Should have let the market dictate his salary just like Hibbs. I just don't see how a small combo guard would have gotten $8M from another team.
-Pacers blew through the offseason in like 4 days. If they'd had asked Hibbs/Hill to hold off signing till after the amnesty period, I can only imagine that the Pacers could have Scola or Brand, which would have been a huuuuuuuuge upgrade.
-While I'm glad the Pacers got Augustin, this is a latteral move IMO. What makes it a bad move is that he costs more than DC and we don't get his bird rights.

-I like the Ian signing. I'm not complaining at $4M cause that doesn't seem much for a backup.
-Like the Green signing.

Sure the bench is better. The overall long term costs could really hurt the Pacers though by over paying for Hill and the cost of Hibbert (though I think it was the right move to match, it's still a lot of money). All we heard from management is how they'll finally have money this offseason to go after free agents. In the end, they used most of it to just resign their own guys. So much for that.

So of course Pritchard has to spin it and sell it to the fans, cause many are upset. Other teams didn't have the kind of money the Pacers have and yet they were still able to get better. That's why I'm not very confident at the moment.

However, though I've been upset by the moves, I'm ready for the season to start and to root for these guys.
Fair enough. I agree with most of your sentiments but I would like to hope Pritchard and Walsh have an idea of what they're doing.