Bill Simmons took some quotes from Game of Thrones and took a storyline from this year's NBA Free Agency. This is what was said about the Pacers...

"If I die, weep for me."
"You'll be dead. How will you know?"
"I'll know."

Remember the 48 hours after Game 3 of the Miami-Indiana series, when it seemed like the frisky Pacers were on the verge of (a) killing the LeBron/Wade era, and (b) sneaking into the Finals? That was fun. Now they're building around three overpaid starters Danny Granger (two years, $27.1 million), Hibbert (four years, $58 million), George Hill (five years, $40 million) a bunch of overpaid role players ($21 million next year for David West, Ian Mahinmi, D.J. Augustin and Gerald Green???) and one possible blue-chipper (Paul George, who absolutely stunk in the 2012 playoffs). Does Hallmark make "Congrats on locking down the no. 6 seed for the next few years" cards?
I tend to agree with Simmons on this considering how much better the East is becoming, but yet it is the same team with a slightly better bench than last season and they carried us to the three seed. Again, I think it all boils down to PG tapping into his potential that will set us above everyone not named Miami or Chicago.