- they matched the offer sheet Hibbert was going to sign for the Trailblazers
- they re-signed Hill 8/5
- they traded DC and DJ for Mahinmi
- they signed Augustin and Green

They had no other option than to match Hibbert's offer sheet and the more years Hill will be committed to the team the better I would say.
They traded one of the best backup PGs in the league for one of the best backup centers in the league and they got a PG with better PG skills to replace the first one.
They also got a good wing and spectacular player in Green. Whoever hasn't watched his highlights yet should watch them now immediately. Players like him make you want to watch (more) Pacerball.

They didn't get a big name, but they kept the starters, improved the bench, added size and athleticism, all while staying away from often injured, high risk and low IQ players, as from headcases.

So far I give them thumbs up.