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With due concern about spinning down this rathole again, just how low do you think ticket prices should be? I think prices at the Fieldhouse are pretty reasonable.

If your pipe dream is that courtsides should be cheaper than an iMax movie then you don't understand the economics of the situation at all.
I agree, if I thought courtside seats should be cheaper than an iMax movie, that would be silly. But, that's not my point. What I'm saying is, it would be nice if, at some point (any point), an increase in revenue would be reflected in a dollar for dollar decrease in ticket prices (or, parking or concessions, whatever). So, if putting a patch on a jersey brings in an extra $10 million (I have no idea what kind of money they're talking about for sponsorship), lower the ticket prices in a way that would effectively lower the gate by $10 million.

You're working from the other side of the equation by assuming I have a set price for what tickets should be. I don't. Just adjust them down to match the added revenue. If that means tickets only go down $3 a ticket, then fine.

But, having said all that, my pipe dream is only in relation to the idea that ticket prices would ever go down in direct correlation to new revenue. Not that they'd be drastically reduced to an unrealistic number.