Seeing this deal possible makes my mind wander into irrational thought.

Why not offer PG and/or Danny plus West (expiring) and picks? In all actuality it would probably really have be centered around Roy and PG which would probably be better. Keep Danny as a shooter and West's savy veteran leadership next to Dwight and it would be scary. However, I know he doesn't want to be here, won't sign an extension, and we'd probably have to take back some bad contracts as well. Plus, I will take Roy in a landslide if it were a likability contest. Then again the same can be said for Dwight in the talent/athleticism department. I actually don't know if we can even trade Roy yet either, you new CBA gurus would have to enlighten me on that one.

/end irrational thought

It is just somewhat depressing to think that LA will still be relevant for the next 5 years at least assuming he signs the extension. I want to see them in the doldrums for once/laugh at the moronic part of their fanbase that has unrivaled levels of arrogance. There HAS to be another team willing to risk it all on Dwight and has some assets that is better than what Orlando is getting in the deal.

Or maybe not. Oh well.