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The problem I have is figuring out why when we set these weather records, or match them, or approach them there are so many that are 100 year's old. Shouldn't the records all be only a few year's old if not just month's old to draw parallels with global warming?

That, and it's 'global warming' during heat waves and 'climate change' during cold spells, ice storms, and snow storms....

But... yeah... It's hot...
Well for one thing Global Warming is an ill-defined term at this point. What it really means is that as the overall warming of the atmosphere introduces excess moisture
into our climate. Which in turn leads to more extreme weather events. So dry months turn in to droughts, wet months leads to excessive rain and flooding.

We had a very mild winter last year but with lots of moisture with rain and snow. But it was not cold enough for the snow to stick. I'm looking for the same pattern this year.