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I didn't say Barbosa is on par with Stephenson for shooting ability, I said that he can put up shots (from anywhere) and miss with about the same effectiveness as Stephenson. And the stats from last season back me up. He may have made 42.4% of his 3's with us last season, but he shot just under 40% from 2 and overall. You cannot quote a career year for Barbosa that happened 5 years ago with Steve Nash during the prime of Phoenix' dominance as the reason he is better. Lance shot 13% from 3 and shot 37 or 38% overall; I'm okay with that sort of loss for cost.

For a more realistic approach with more detailed reasoning, you should see the post I made that you commented right after.

I hope he is in fact not coming back and our roster is set as it is. I just don't think Barbosa would add much and he wouldn't be worth it, especially since we went and traded for yet another similarly sized 2 guard in the second round.
there is no comparison between the two. Stephenson has done little with the chances given him. Barbosa has done much. At this point it is looking more like Stephenson will continue to do little and fade into basketball obscurity. Barbosa will always be a productive team mate for whomever is smart enough to employ him.