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Thread: Our Second Unit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck View Post
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    Overall I like our bench better than last season, and I expect Hansbrough to be better this upcoming season.
    I really didn't like Hansbrough paired up with West and Hibbert on the hope is that Hansbrough is only paired up with Mahinmi. Hopefully it will make a difference of some sort on both the offensive and defensive end....also paired up with better passing Guards like DJ and Lance/GH.
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    Two separate thoughts that I think dictates our bench this year:

    I think the real x-factor here is Ian Mahinmi. Will he be a Solomon Jones or will he be an Emeka Okafor? If he's more of the latter, then we are in good hands. And I think it could go either way.

    If he can be a post defender, shot blocker, and athletic player and use that for him then we will be well off. I just wish we could have netted us a backup power forward to complement Mahinmi. I believe that the FO sees something in Ian that the average spectator doesn't... Maybe enough to slide him into the starting 4 spot when West hangs it up. Who knows.

    As far as Green goes, I figure he's more of a guy who can come in and really give us an advantage in transition, along with hopefully Ian and Miles. I think that he would be best off with a wing who could create shots for him, and DJ would be best off being the second creator and pure shooter.

    And that is what makes Lance so important to us this year. Sink or swim time for Lance. Either have a re-do of last year where he really struggles, or having new shooters playing with him along with athletic big men elevates his game, and he's more consistently the player he was against Chicago.
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    I'd rather have Hill come off the bench since we'd benefit from a distributing point guard in the starting unit. The second unit would benefit from Hill's ability to score.

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