My best case

DJ- A distributor, and general of the offense. He puts pressure on team's rotations and open up lanes for Green/Tyler/Mahini

Green- Slasher and catch and shooter that Barbosa should have been. More consistent offensive game off the bench than we have ever had since Jalen Rose. Solid defender than pressures and rebounds.

Mahini- I would like for him to be a 25 mpg player who defends well and rebounds great. I could care less if he can hit the open jumper.

Worst case

DJ- Is turnover prone and inefficient from the field. Lazy defender, that fails to put effort in on both sides of the court.

Green- Gets lost defensively on rotations. Becomes a Terrence Williams attitude problem. Chucks up shots and walks back.

Mahini- Too weak to control the block defensively. Doesn't go for the rebound, instead waits for it to come to him. Shrinks when Tyler turns it on (if it ever happens). In capable of a PnR.