I think getting augustin, green and mahini for jones, dc, and lou is close to a wash. it could be a net plus (if we are lucky or the FO really know what they are doing) or a net minus.

What do you all see as the best and worst case scenarios for the new players? Be realistic, so nothing like Mahini blows out his knee in the first game of preseason, Green chops off two more fingers, and Augustin pulls a Plaxico.



augustin: has all the positives of DC, but a better passer and less of a "ball-hog."

green: does on offense what hid did with NJ last year. Is able to step up defense, so that there is little drop-off on D when PG/DG go to the bench. Primary backup at both 2 and 3. Overall, production comes close to Paul George of last year.

mahini: Plays the primary backup at both 5 and the 4. Allows Hans to play at the 4 only a few minutes a game, more only if he happens to get hot on that day. Basically becomes Antonio Davis.


augustin: assist numbers last year were because of system. no better at moving the ball in our system than DC/GH. Shoots worse than DC. Cannot step up D in playoffs like DC did, because of physical shortcomings. Bad TJ Ford flashbacks.

green: NJ performance was flash in the pan, mainly because of overuse on bad team. Ball-stopper on O, streaky shooting. Ultimately does not give much more than D Jones on offense, defense is significantly worse.

mahini: Slightly stronger Solomon Jones.