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So the moves that are brought up that we didn't make are:

- we didn't flip a major young talent for Eric Gordon (which both people who brought it up DIDN'T WANT TO DO ANYWAY)
- we didn't sign Elton Brand
- we didn't sign Luis Scola

uhhh ..... in what freaking universe are these sure-fire championship moves? Gordon at least has an UPSIDE approaching that level, but if he turned out to be a max salary Jonathan Bender we'd be in a heap of cap hell for a long time that extends FAR beyond having a couple of extra $4M contracts.

Personally, I don't believe in this whole "championship move" thing except in hindsight. Far too many people equate "championship move" to mean "brought in my favorite player". Very, very seldom does a LeBron type no-brainer come into play, even MORE seldom is a particular team in the running for such a thing when it DOES happen. It isn't like every single year every decent team is in position to make one move guaranteed to put them over the top.

You get better from year to year. That's all you can try to do. Trying to take a short cut far too often leads back to the bottom where you start over.

To add to your thought on Gordon it is pretty obvious New Orleans was hellbent on keeping him. It would have taken an absurd offer to get New Orleans to even consider moving him.