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In most cases this should be true. But judging some of the draft picks, trades and signings Michael Jordan has made, I'm not sure you and other fans couldn't build a better team. You could probably throw darts at potential draft picks/free agents and come up with a better team. From drafting Kwame Brown to building a team that had the worst season ever. And Michael Jordan is even the greatest player ever! Yikes.

I'm just messing around. But MJ does seem to make a lot of terrible decisions. I would like to believe there are fans out there that could at least do better than building a team that finishes with worst winning percentage ever in a season.
Agree. Front offices do just seem to be as good as the person in charge. Most are competent, but not all. I've always thought Houston, with David Morely, (spelling?) had a great front office, but I'm wondering what they are doing now. They seem determined to saw off the limb they are on. The point is, we as fans should always wait and see what happens. Of course sometimes it seems like everyone can see the train wreck coming but the person in charge.