I am not sure who is to blame for all the blunders this off season but one or both of the front office and owner needs to go. We draft a guy the could have been taken with our second round pick. Then we draft a guy with our second round pick that to say has shown nothing is an understatement. Then we way overpay for Hill and Hilbert. Now we trade two players with some trade value for a guy we could have signed as a FA.

The thing in all of this is that we should have gotten more in all of our dealings with other teams. We should have traded back in the draft and picked up an asset. We should have gotten more for DC and Jones. Our starters and bench will still not beat the Heat in a series. Other teams are getting better and we seem to think that making tweaks to the bench will make us world beaters, is just sickening. For whatever reason we are afraid to win in trades or FA. Not sure if it is the owner or front office but we are going nowhere fast. This is coming from a glass is half full person.