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Thread: This is why I love Pollard

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    Default This is why I love Pollard

    Pollards Dunk Suggestion:

    I have one I like to call the Footer Special, Pollard said. Its one that only seven-footers can do, not six-footers. Its kind of a version of the Statue of Liberty. Its when a seven-footer gets it on the right block, turns middle, goes up one hand, one leg, dunks the ball, maybe an inch off the ground. Basically, hes on the ground before he even lets go of the rim. As little athletic ability as you could possibly have in a dunk. It used to be my favorite, but I cant even do that one anymore. . . . (Fred) would probably look good doing it. Hed be four feet in the air, banging his head on the rim, stuff like that.

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    (Pollard ponders Super Bowl week)

    Im not much of a sports fan that really pays attention to the Super Bowl for the purpose of seeing whos winning, because I really dont care. Im one of those people that watches it for the commercials. I heard that Viagra spent $20-something million on the Super Bowl. Now, tell me, whos your fan base? Impotent men? Thats whos watching the Super Bowl? Thats worth $20 million to Viagra to advertise during the Super Bowl because the guys watching are impotent? I mean, some people have serious problems and Im sorry for that. But thats a lot of money. If I was them, Id just go around and give out free samples to guys like me, for example. Ill try it. Ill check it out.

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