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Doesn't look like it's going to happen. Not unless they cancel tomorrow's press conference. Tomorrow at 4PM is when they're supposed to officially announce Roy and Hill are back (and perhaps talk about Green and Augustin too). It'll take at least 2 days to resolve Scola.
They annonced the presser before Scola was getting cut. I bet most FOs are shocked that they actually did that to such a good player. I think a player of Scola's caliber could make the FO ask Roy and Hill wait just 2 more days. If I was Hibbert I would be all for it another big who helps him.

But I do agree if we planed to be aggressive on the wire we should of scheduled the presser for the 17th.

renouncing Barbosa is easy to do. I believe we would have around 9m in cap room if we renounce Lou and Barbosa them. Will someone double check the numbers for me?