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You guys wanted a play-making point guard? Well with Nash off the boards D.J Augustin is the next best thing that is available. He ranked 8th in the league last year in assist percent (38.9%). Here are the top 20 players in assist percent for last season (along with Darren Collison and George Hill):

Assist Pct
1. Steve Nash-PHO-------53.1
2. Rajon Rondo-BOS------52.5
3. Deron Williams-NJN-----46.6
4. Jose Calderon-TOR-----44.2
5. Chris Paul-LAC---------43.8
6. Tony Parker-SAS-------40.3
7. Derrick Rose-CHI-------40.3
8. D.J. Augustin-CHA----38.9
9. Ricky Rubio-MIN--------37.4
10. John Wall-WAS--------36.9
11. Kyrie Irving-CLE-------36.5
12. Andre Miller-DEN------36.5
13. Greivis Vasquez-NOH--35.7
14. Ramon Sessions-TOT--35.5
15. Jarrett Jack-NOH------34.0
16. Jameer Nelson-ORL----34.0
17. LeBron James-MIA----33.6
18. Raymond Felton-POR--33.3
19. Goran Dragic-HOU-----32.5
20. Kyle Lowry-HOU-------32.3
58. Daren Collison-IND--24.9
108. George Hill-IND----18.8

Here is a link to the chart.
Indeed, indeed! Man, this is exciting... let's hope the $ are right.