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Haven't heard your CJ McCollum rumor/speculation. True it was under Bird, but I would be shocked if we drafted a kept a player that we never had in for a workout
Well the wording is different than when I first remember...
June 10 Update: McCollum is the sleeper here. A number of teams really like him, but he's yet to emerge atop their boards. He's completed workouts with the Magic, Suns, Kings and Blazers. He also has the Jazz, 76ers, Pacers and Timberwolves coming up. In particular, the Suns and Blazers look like two terrific options. Both teams are looking for scoring guards who can shoot and get to the basket. Right now, McCollum could be drafted in the Nos. 5-10 range.

I remember after both my dad and I read that and talked about it, we thought it was weird they had brought him in b4 the group workouts had started... but now I go back and it is an upcoming workout instead of in the completed workout list.